Huchuy Chakana

9. Juni 2022, 14:32 Uhr Autor:

Logo design for the filmproduction „Huchuy Chakana“ by my husband Geza Isaac Morales Altamirano


16. Feber 2022, 20:42 Uhr Autor:

Logo design, web design and technical implementation of my online shop where I offer hand-bound notebooks, calendars and art prints ... View Article

Kraftort Natur

29. Jänner 2022, 13:31 Uhr Autor:

Logo design for the wonderful Elfriede Gölli with her heart project „Kraftort Natur“

Tribu Varinawa

28. Oktober 2021, 00:26 Uhr Autor:

Illustrations for a mini-documentary about the tribe of the Varinawa in the Amazon of Brazil

Samaúma Shono

28. Oktober 2021, 00:22 Uhr Autor:

Logo design for Rapé „Samaúma Shono“

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